RCAF Relief Constant Analyzer Flow Valve

The RCAF is an adjustable combination back pressure and relief valve that will give you the best chance to keep a constant flow to your on-line analyzers. The RCAF has large internal passages and an innovative adjustable wave spring/diaphragm design to ensure better pressure control over a wide range of flows. And the top works can be disassembled without the danger of a highly compressed spring which could cause injury.
The capability to act as a relief valve eliminates the need for a second relief valve (‘pop-off’) that is prone to sticking in the open position and venting precious sample to a drain header WITHOUT YOU EVEN KNOWING ABOUT IT.

• Adjustable pressure setting 5-60 psig via set screw
• Eliminates the need for an extra relief valve (‘pop-off’) that can divert your sample to drain
• ¼ in. NPT inlet and outlet ports
• All 316 SS body and wetted parts
• Innovative wave spring/diaphragm design
• Top works is removable with no hazardous spring pressure that can cause injuries
PART NUMBER and DESCRIPTION RCAF-A Relief/Constant Analyzer Flow Valve


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